Weekend Sale: New Royal Fireworks Books for Children with Dyslexia

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Royal Fireworks Press is producing a wide variety of materials for children with dyslexia and other visual processing problems. New this week are the first books in a series of illustrated stories about some of the people who made a difference in the shaping of America, many of whom never get mentioned in traditional history textbooks.

Under the series heading Adventures on the American Frontier, we are publishing books about unique individuals from our past. All of them will be published in the OpenDyslexia font, with short lines and generous space between the lines. Each spread of two pages contains a QR code that will allow readers to hear a lively reading of the text so that they can follow along. Varying between the third- and sixth-grade reading levels, these books offer children a rich and rewarding way to get over the reading hump.

The first of these books will be available at a special sale price this weekend. The first books are on cowboys, the development of cattle drives, and the lure and lore of the old West. The next set of books is about pioneering entertainers and the use of show boats to bring the theater and other shows to settlers on the American frontiers. People who buy this weekend will be eligible to purchase future releases at a discounted price. The third and fourth sets of books will be about pirates who roved the eastern coast of America and the mail riders who took news from the eastern part of the country to the ever-expanding frontiers west, including the riders of the Pony Express. They will be followed by books about other explorers and adventurers, as well as about important pioneers in various aspects of the developing America economy. The special price will be listed as our website price and will increase after midnight on Monday, May 6th.

We always have been sensitive to visual processing difficulties because our publisher is dyslexic. In all of our books, the type size is larger, the lines are shorter, the space between the lines is larger, and the space after a period is double industry standards to make our books easier to read for both children and adults with visual processing issues. The first year of our Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum includes many adaptive measures, including color-coded text, short lines, generous white space, large type, and helpful images so that dyslexic children can succeed with sophisticated language arts materials.

We are now producing many books in the dyslexia-friendly font, including the Lennie Miller series of math books, and we invite you to explore all of them by clicking here.

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