Why Take an Online Course from Royal Fireworks Press?

Posted on: 11/07/2018 Back to all blog posts

Because there is no better way of learning language arts than from the master himself. Michael Clay Thompson has been teaching his language arts curriculum online for Royal Fireworks Press for the last few years. Students receive more than just the information in the textbooks; they receive Michael’s professional instruction and personalized feedback.

Here is a recent comment from the parent of three current students:

Thank you for putting this class together. My boys have learned so much in the last nine weeks, as have I! We still have a lot to learn, and although I am somewhat anxious about the work entailed with writing, I know it is exactly what we need. I am grateful for your support and exemplary teaching. The program has helped me to use the material effectively rather than stumble through it somewhat blindly. Thank you again!

Your child deserves the best. You can register your child for the spring semester even if he or she was not enrolled in the fall semester. Michael will assist new students if needed. Registration is open now. See RFOLC.com.

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