Working for Royal Fireworks Press

For more than thirty-five years, Royal Fireworks Press has published books for gifted children, their parents, and their teachers. We are privileged to work with outstanding authors, every year publishing more curricula, novels, and a range of nonfiction books about giftedness, education, and children. We work with original manuscripts—editing, designing, illustrating, typesetting, printing, and binding the final products.

Because we are continuously growing and expanding our product offerings, at times we have need of professionals who can help us in this endeavor. We are always willing to talk to artists and illustrators, graphic designers and typesetters, editors and proofreaders, electronic book formatters, cinematographers and video editors, and printing professionals to work in our printing and binding plant. Occasionally we also have opportunities for interns. If you are interested in working for us, please send a cover letter and resume, as well as a portfolio of your work, where appropriate, to

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