Reports from Attendees of a Shelagh Gallagher Problem-Based Learning Workshop

“Dr. Gallagher did an excellent job of presenting her PBL method. She used an exciting topic to draw us in to her methodology. We were hooked and wanted to know more. This was the best pre-conference speaker I’ve seen at a conference since I began attending these four years ago. Thanks for bringing her!”

“Really enjoyed the personal approach. Didn’t feel any intimidation. Made it feel comfortable. Ideas great for all levels and all disciplines. Great that you have products as well as teaching us how to create our own.”

“Everything was wonderful during the PBL session. I really learned a lot about PBL. It was a new idea for me, and I feel like I got enough information to take this back to my classroom and use.”

“Good job of engaging participants and delivering content. Engaging and practical presentation. Thanks!”

“This has been awesome! I am so glad I asked to be here today. I hope with my past experience with a problem-based unit AND today, maybe I’ll be brave enough to develop my own. Thank you so much!”

“I really enjoyed myself today, and the time seemed to fly by. It was great to hear some of the units you have developed, and it led to some ideas of my own. I am leaving here feeling very familiar with PBL, and I think I have enough information to attempt this on my own in the classroom. Some of the topics I already use to teach my frameworks with could be great starters for this type of learning. I am inspired to get busy changing them all up.”

“Thank you for making PBL do-able. I look forward to bringing this into my classroom.”

“The simulation to start the session truly illustrated what PBL is all about. We fell right into it! Thanks!”

“I find the PBL model understandable now. I know I can use it in my Pre-AP Literacy classroom to cover research frameworks along with G/T standards and curriculum. I enjoyed learning the process of developing a unit.”

“I had a wonderful experience—I learned so much! This is a great approach to learning. My supervisor has covered this information with the Pre- and AP teachers in our own district, but not to this extent. I now understand PBL so much better. Thank you so much for sharing today.”

“Super! I look forward to working on some PBL for my classroom. Thanks for a day that was filled with applicable lessons—an insight.”

“This was very helpful. I have left with ideas to use in my G/T classroom. Dr. Gallagher was interesting and held my attention (which is hard to do!). I am excited about the problem-solving units I am going to try.”

“I so looked forward to spending the day with you and thoroughly enjoyed it. These strategies will definitely be used in my classroom. Thank you so much for a wonderful day!”

“This was great. The presentation was very user-friendly. It is something I will work on to use in my room! Very effective! Thanks!”

“The workshop was very interesting and something that I would love to do in my classroom.”

“Loved, Loved, Loved this! I am always trying to find something that classroom teachers can use since my school does not have a G/T program. I always try to do different things in my classroom that are not lecture, etc. This is right up my alley. Thank you for making me excited about new things and to embark on a new adventure in education.”

“Very productive session giving practical ideas and modeling of how to create your own PBL solutions. I will definitely recommend this presentation or you as a presenter for those schools that struggle to find quality professional development! Good job! Thanks so much!”

“This was a great presentation! I have a lot of ideas for future curriculum units. I know that this will keep learning engaged. Thank you!”

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