Workshops to Prevent Holiday Couch Potatoes

Posted on: 11/19/2020 Back to all blog posts

This holiday season, we’ve heard from lots of parents who are concerned that, without all of the excitement and stimulation of traditional events and gatherings, many of which have been canceled this year, their kids will become couch potatoes. Royal Fireworks has a solution!

We have put together several workshops to form a special winter session of the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. These workshops are designed to keep children engaged and interested (and, if we’re honest about it, occupied) during the down time between the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters. Each workshop is three days long (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and costs only $60. They will be held the week of Christmas, the week of New Year’s Day, and the week after New Year’s Day.

The workshops will be taught by our online learning community instructors, who are all experts in their fields and who are excited at the chance to teach fun subjects not normally taught in academic settings. The workshops will cover a variety of subject areas, from origami to debating, brass-era cars to stress reduction, the Three Kings to the origins of Santa Claus to New Year’s Eve fashions and more, including, most notably, Michael Clay Thompson performing readings of his newest two grammar books for young children. These workshops will engage children’s attention and keep them thinking in ways that expand their minds and frames of reference—and they’ll be having fun at the same time!

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