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A Philosophy Curriculum and Online Courses to Help Kids with the Big Questions

If we picture students discussing the teachings of Plato and Aristotle, most of us will imagine a college lecture hall. That’s because we don’t think that an academic debate about the bigger questions in life would interest younger students. But the fact is that children are curious about philosophical questions from the moment they enter school. Even Forbes magazine has published articles about how important philosophy education is at the primary level.  So why do we wait until college to introduce Western philosophy? At Royal Fireworks, we don’t.

Dr. Sharon Kaye is a university professor of Western philosophy and author of numerous books and curricula on the subject. She has created a complex yet accessible Western philosophy curriculum that she also teaches exclusively in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. That way, students can do a deep dive into the big questions with thousands of years of wisdom to guide them along the way.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kaye will be offering two courses in our summer session (June 6-July 29 2022), as well as two courses in our fall semester (Aug. 15-Dec. 16).

In the summer session, students ages 12-18 have a choice between “The Paradox Box: Exploring Early Twentieth-Century Philosophy” (a novel discussion group) and “Plato versus Aristotle: Philosophical Debates” (a debate-focused course). The fall semester course offerings will include “Western Philosophy for Kids: Justice, Faith, and Free Will,” for students ages 8-12, and “American Philosophy,” for students ages 13-18. Students in these semester-long courses will discuss readings and encounter opportunities for deep thinking, writing, and debate. 

Live virtual classes are held weekly and will give students the chance to discuss and debate their thoughts and opinions with a true expert, as well as their peers. Through this process, they will discover how debating controversial subjects expands the mind.

For students ages 5-18, Dr. Sharon Kaye’s approach to teaching philosophy can be found in her full curriculum, which builds knowledge through an expertly woven blend of fictional stories and real classical philosophical teachings, from the Presocratics to the twentieth century. These books begin in the early stages with fully illustrated picture book-style texts and extend to sophisticated novels that will expand the minds of even adults. Each book is accompanied by a teacher manual or a guidebook to help parents and educators guide students through the complex issues and ideas contained in the books. 

Both the books and the courses are a wonderful way to learn about topics that people have pondered for millennia, but courses are filling up fast. Be sure to reserve a seat today!

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