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Public Speaking Course Starts February 8th!

Public speaking is often cited as one of the biggest fears adults have. But teaching this skill before adulthood can lessen the anxiety that most people feel about presenting to others in public. In addition, learning public speaking ensures that kids pick up other high-value skills along the way. Included among those is the ability to present well at a job interview and the ability to test well on oral examinations.

Now the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is offering a chance to help youngsters develop this skill so they don’t have to wrestle with it later in life. In our new 14-week course Public Speaking, students will learn about topics such as handling stage fear; choosing the subject and preparing the speech; body language; tone, pitch, and pause; and debating. The course will also include practice sessions so students can practice what they’re learning.

Students will have the opportunity to learn with Captain Bhupinder Jit (aka “Capt. BJ”), a master trainer with thirty years of experience teaching others how to present themselves well. He runs workshops in public speaking, presentations skills, life skills, team building, and etiquette awareness for people at various age groups, including at the management and executive levels.

WHAT: Public Speaking 14-Session Course

WHO: Students ages 12-18

WHEN: February 8-May 10, 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

COST: $350

Enroll now to give your child a leg up in the valuable skill of effective public speaking!

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