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Remembering Pearl Harbor with Cassie’s War

As we mark the significant day of the bombing of Pearl Harbor eighty-two years ago, we are reminded of the profound impact that World War II had on countless lives. In remembrance of this historic event, we bring you a poignant and gripping novel that captures the essence of those tumultuous times: Cassie’s War by Allan M. Winkler.

This novel offers a compelling narrative that vividly portrays the realities faced by children during World War II. Cassie’s War is not just a historical account; it’s a journey of friendship, resilience, and self-discovery.

📚 Cassie’s War by Allan M. Winkler
($12.00, ages 10-14)

Step into the shoes of nine-year-old Cassie, uprooted from her Tennessee home to navigate a new life in California during World War II. As her father contributes to the war effort, Cassie faces the challenges of fitting in at a new school and maintaining a forbidden friendship with Miko, a Japanese-American classmate whose family is ultimately sent to an internment camp.

🌟 Key themes:

  • Friendship Amidst Adversity: Cassie’s poignant bond with Miko is challenged by wartime prejudices and later tested by separation. When Cassie finds a new friend, she’s plagued by feelings of guilt, but her new friendship is pivotal in helping her navigate her difficult circumstances.
  • Home Front Realities: Experience the struggles and resilience of families on the home front who dealt with rationing, separation, and the profound impacts of war.
  • Coming of Age: Follow Cassie’s journey as she grapples with newfound responsibilities, friendship dynamics, and the evolving landscapes of her world.

Delve into this evocative tale that captures the spirit of a generation and the enduring power of human connection. Get your copy today!

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($12.00, ages 12-18)

🌟 Key themes:

  • War on the Pacific front (U.S. vs. Japan)
  • Sibling bonds and struggles
  • Okinawan children caught in conflict
  • Tolerance and humanity
  • Lessons on loss and morality

📚 Beyond the Yellow Star to America by Inge Auerbacher
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🌟 Key themes:

  • Holocaust survivor’s immigration journey
  • Assimilation challenges in America
  • Loss, resilience, and determination
  • An ongoing battle against tuberculosis
  • Opportunities in America
  • Tolerance

Be sure to check out our other historical novels for an array of books that will take young readers into diverse places and times. There’s no better way to cultivate empathy and understanding than to share the perspective of others who live in circumstances different from our own, and well-crafted historical novels are an excellent way to do that. Order today!

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