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Sail through the History of the World with Our New Spring Course!

Dr. Kristin Krause may have received her Ph.D. from Dartmouth College, but that’s not what most qualifies her to teach this exciting new course in our Online Learning Community. As the instructor of A Nautical History of the World, it’s her years spent as a crew member on tall ships, as well as her authorship of The Last Voyage of the Hornet, that give Dr. Krause her unique insights into the lives of people at sea, whether they be Vikings, pirates, explorers, traders, whalers, or marines!

And what better way to soak up a world history education than through the great big blue?

Boats are the easiest way to travel, and humans have employed them since our earliest days to transport materials, armies, colonists, and ideas. It is the movement of people and ideas that makes history. Thus, the history of the world may be viewed as a nautical history. This course will give students an introduction to world history through the lens of maritime travel, as well as some fun activities to complete related to sailing on the high seas.

As humans contemplate interplanetary voyages and Martian colonies, there is much to be learned from the long-distance voyagers who preceded us.

When: Wednesdays, 12:00 Eastern Time, from the week of January 9th to the week of May 12th
Who: Students ages 11-14
Cost: $500

Get your child in on this great opportunity to see world history from a whole new perspective. Enroll today!

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