Nature Study by Laurel Dodge

Nature Study by Laurel Dodge Series Cover

Nature Study has been planned as an exciting and life-enhancing curriculum, with beautifully illustrated books that will be specially suited for homeschooling families.

Not only will it be a structured course of study, but it will address the problem of the increasing gap between children and the natural world.

Laurel Dodge is an expert in environmental studies and has created programs to introduce families and children to the natural world. She writes: “The easy exploration of nature that was a foundation of childhood in previous generations was based on unstructured summers, weekends, and afternoons. Kids now…are too busy to romp freely in forest and field. Instead of taking off on their own adventures with the neighborhood kids, children are shuttled from one scheduled activity to the next. When they are home, they spend too much time indoors".

The first book, Nature Study for the Whole Family, serves as an introduction. It is gives the rationale, advice, information, and the author's experiences with her children. It is a winner of a Bronze Medal in the 2011 LIVING NOW Book Awards

When she’s not slogging through a swamp by day, or out watching moths by night, Laurel Dodge spends her time homeschooling her two children, studying insects, writing and drawing. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and anthropology, and a master’s degree in environmental studies.

As a naturalist/instructor, she developed and delivered wildlife education programs at the Darien Nature Center in Connecticut and the Prospect Park Wildlife Center in Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in creating opportunities for families to enjoy wildlife together, she leads family nature study workshops for the Orange County Audubon Society, New York.

Laurel Dodge is a talented artist, specializing in natural history illustration. 


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Nature Study for the Whole Family

Author: Dodge, Laurel L.

Subjects: Environment; Nature Study; Homeschool Curriculum

Age: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

ISBN: 978-088092810-6

Order code: 8106

Price: $20.00
Website price: $15.00

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Nature Study for the Whole Family Cover

Winner of a Bronze Medal for the LIVING NOW Book Awards 2011

Finalist, Book of the Year Awards, 2011

"...the wonders of nature and wonders of childhood are artfully intertwined..."

This book introduces the idea that all families, wherever they live, can explore their neighborhood and find a "wild spot" to study and observe the changing seasons.

With wonderful illustrations and examples, Laurel Dodge writes with passion and sensitivity. She shows how to record and identify what you find; how to go at a pace appropriate for children to connect with what they see; how to stay safe; how to co-operate with others, and how to develop nature study as an enriching part of family life.

The author writes from a lifetime of experience of exploring nature as a child, introducing nature study with her homeschooled children, and as an expert in environmental studies, (see top of the page for more information).

Laurel Dodge writes in the book:

The nature lore you discover with your children today may be passed down as a precious gift to your grandchildren in years to come…The strongest influences on children’s lives are the actions and values of their families. A family that demonstrates its values by getting outside, getting moving, and getting engaged with nature teaches com­passion, conservation, and curiosity with every step. It is up to you to show your family what you value."

“Laurel Dodge loves nature as she does her children. What makes this book special is that the wonders of nature and wonders of childhood are artfully intertwined. Laurel makes each experience in the wild a “personal one”, bringing the reader along on the walk and making it all the more meaningful.”
Lynn Hamlen, Executive Director, Darien Nature Center CT

Nature Study for the Whole Family Cover

Nature Study: Introduction and first chapter. :

Nature Study: Celebrating the Seasons:

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