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Thank You from Royal Fireworks

We at Royal Fireworks want to thank you for helping to make us one of the most trusted resources for curricula and online courses for children. This year has been a pivotal one for us, and we owe it all to you.

There’s nothing more important than raising informed, educated, compassionate children who are ready to take on the world with knowledge, understanding, and heart. And there’s no better gift that you, as parents and educators, can give to the kids in your care. Thank you for sharing such an important journey with us!

Because of you, we experienced a number successes in 2022. Here are some of the highlights:

  • In February we launched a new, improved, more user-friendly website, giving you an easier way of finding and purchasing books and online courses.
  • With the launch of the new website, we updated our shipping prices so that book packages and anything else purchased with them ship free for homeschoolers.
  • We expanded our presence on social media and created more ways for people to interact with us and to learn about us, including through helpful videos.
  • Our online school has continued to grow, with new course offerings—such as computer coding, geology, generational wealth, and fashion—and new instructors. We also implemented an audit option for the MCT language arts courses.
  • We began offering the MCT language arts curriculum as eBooks, a process that had begun previously but that we revamped so we could offer them on our new website.
  • Dr. Sharon Kaye finished the final installment of the complete Western philosophy curriculum, with intriguing stories and deep questions for kids to read and consider, from kindergarten all the way through grade 12.
  • We published Who Are You Times Two, a 100+ page graphic novel by Ingrid Klass that delves into Eastern philosophy in a way that grabs kids and gives them plenty to think about concerning who they are and who they want to be as they move forward into the future.
  • The third book in Dr. Frances Spielhagen’s Latin curriculum, Caecilia et Verus et Urbs Vastata, became available, complete with audio of the author pronouncing the text in Latin.
  • We reissued some of our favorite novels, freshly edited and designed for kids who love getting lost in a good story.
  • Several of our books won awards for outstanding content, including Michael Clay Thompson’s Poodle Knows Poetry and Robert Black’s Benoit Mandelbrot: Reshaping the World and Edward Lorenz and the Chaotic Butterflies, both from the Mathematical Lives series.
  • We won our third consecutive Best Curriculum and Resources Award from, as well as multiple awards from Practical Homeschooling.

Thank you for your part in enabling us to make these achievements. We wish you happiness and success in the new year!

The Team at Royal Fireworks

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