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Three New Novels for Young Readers!

We’re pleased to announce the re-release of three of our favorite novels. Together, these three books span the globe and nearly the entire stretch of human history. Choose from a mystery in ancient Greece, a field hospital in 1950s Africa, or New York City in the aftermath of the Holocaust, when a young German girl was struggling to assimilate into American culture while putting the horrifying events of the past behind her. Whatever your youngster’s interest, we’ve got it covered!

The Secret of Delphi

“A deftly crafted and solidly entertaining novel…” – Children’s Bookwatch

Ages: 9-13
Cost: $12.00

Sisters Panora and Kyra are thrilled when their father, Davos, is chosen to be the lead actor in a play by Sophocles, but when Davos suddenly goes missing, the girls investigate, traveling to Delphi to visit the Oracle for guidance. This mystery thriller is filled with historically accurate details about the time period, ancient cities and cultural sites, and the play competition itself. It also includes photographs of real locations and artifacts.

My Friend in Africa

“This is a wonderful edition of My Friend in Africa by Frederick Franck, a writer-artist with the exceptional talent to bring my father, Albert Schweitzer, to abundant life in both words and drawings. He makes one feel present at the hospital in the African forest more than any photographs could.” – Rhena Schweitzer Miller

Ages: 8-12
Cost: $10.00

Frederick Franck was working at Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s hospital in Africa when he met a boy named Bolo who needed to be treated at the clinic. This is Bolo’s story of deciding to become a doctor, like the kind and caring Dr. Schweitzer, as imagined and illustrated by Franck. This short semi-biographical novel brims with the innocence and earnestness of childhood.

Beyond the Yellow Star to America

“Inge Auerbacher’s second narrative—about the miraculous rebirth of hope in the hearts of Jewish children—is as absorbing and as moving as her first testimony. I highly recommend it.” – Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Ages: 11-18
Cost: $12.00

This multiple award-winning book tells the true story of one girl’s experiences of being an immigrant in America, struggling with the challenges of trying to assimilate into a new culture while overcoming a harrowing past. Inge was one of the few child survivors of the Holocaust, and this biographical account follows her after her family’s liberation from a Nazi concentration camp as they work hard to rebuild a life for themselves in their new country.

We are proud to offer these novels as windows into different times and places, different cultures and experiences. Reading stories like these allows young people to expand their understanding of our world and the people in it, making them more empathetic, more knowledgeable, and more well-rounded. And as a bonus, these books tell simply wonderful stories! Order today!

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