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Uncover the world of archaeology with our new course!

This year in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, a handful of lucky students will have the opportunity to discover the world of the Aztecs through the lens of archaeology in our new course Archaeology Unearthed: Insights into Aztec Life!

In this exciting new course, led by Harvard-educated veteran anthropologist and archaeologist Dr. Susan Schwartz, students will embark on a fascinating journey into the world of archaeology through the lens of the ancient Aztecs. Specifically, they will:

  • Learn how archaeologists uncover and interpret artifacts and remains
  • Experience how a real archaeological dig is conducted using virtual media and simulated planning and environments
  • Reconstruct the layout, organization, and material culture of both peasant and elite Aztec households
  • Study Aztec domestic rituals, daily life, craft production, and burial practices
  • Engage in hands-on activities
  • Participate in interactive lessons
  • Gain insight into the cultural and social dimensions of one of the most influential and advanced Mesoamerican societies

By becoming immersed in the details of Aztec life that archaeology has uncovered, students will develop an understanding of this important Mesoamerican society, as well as the science that allows us to uncover such incredible history.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to experience the thrill of archaeological excavation through the process of unearthing the secrets of Aztec society, culture, and life!

Archaeology Unearthed: Insights into Aztec Life
Class Meetings: Fridays, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Dates (this is a two-semester course):
Fall 2023: September 15 – December 15
Spring 2024: January 12 – May 10
Instructor: Dr. Susan Schwartz
Ages: 8-12
Cost: $550 for a single semester or $1,000 for both

Dr. Schwartz is a distinguished researcher with an impressive record of original work. Students will have a unique chance to interact with an expert of her caliber, which is usually reserved for graduate seminars. This rare opportunity promises to be immensely enriching for all participants. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Schwartz for making this extraordinary experience available to our students.

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