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Michael Clay Thompson: Biography

MICHAEL CLAY THOMPSON is the 2010 recipient of the Richard W. Riley award from South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education.

Over a period of thirty years, he was a classroom teacher, middle school head and academic, and now Michael is a full-time author and consultant. An acclaimed speaker and workshop presenter, through his teaching, books, and presentations, he has inspired thousands of students and educators with a new love of language and literature.

Michael Clay Thompson received his bachelor’s degree from Washington and Lee University, studied for gifted education accreditation at Mars Hill College and obtained his MA from Western Carolina University. During his teaching career he taught in schools in Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children and as an online instructor in Language Arts for the Northwestern University Gifted Learning Links program . He has been a faculty member of the Wake Forest University Summer Institute for Gifted Education, also of the University of North Carolina/Charlotte Summer institute for Gifted Education and of The Cullowhee Experience. He has served on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Association of Gifted & Talented and on the regional Board of Advisors to the North Carolina/South Carolina Future Problem Solving Program. He was formerly a consultant to the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary, consultant and Lead Scholar for the National Javits Project for Language Arts, and President of the Indiana Gifted Association.

Michael Clay Thompson has written more than 120 books (all with Royal Fireworks Press). They include: Word Within The Word, classroom¬†vocabulary series and Word Within the Word Homeshool series; Magic Lens, classroom grammar series and Magic Lens Homeschool series; the fun vocabulary book Sesquipedalian Neologist’s Lexicon; Classics in the Classroom, literature overview and list of 1,300 classics; Classic Words an exploration of the language of great English literature classics; Thinkers! an exploration of trends of thought in literature/an argument for reading the works of good thinkers; Caesar’s English, vocabulary program showing English and Spanish rooted in Latin (co-authored with his wife Myriam); Building Language 3rd grade vocabulary program; The Heart of the Mind, essays on teaching the nature of creativity, and approaches for working with gifted children; Grammar Island, for 3rd grade, Grammar Town and Grammar Voyage for 4th and 5th grade; The Conceptual Dialectic, a discussion of concept instruction. The Self Evident Truth Series starts with the story of the Declaration of Independence: Jefferson’s Truths, followed by the Gettysburg Address: Lincoln’s Ten Sentences and then an examination of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech: Free at Last. Thompson’s innovative and challenging poetics program is produced in appropriately beautiful volumes: The Music of the Hemispheres; Building Poems; A World of Poetry; Poetry and Humanity, Poetry, Plato and the Problem of Beauty and Poetry, Plato and the Problem of Truth. Then there is Relativity, Quanta and Consciousness, a remarkable interdisciplinary discussion, and a ground-breaking series on writing, beginning with Sentence Island and continuing with: Paragraph Town and Essay Voyage and Advanced Academic Writing, Volumes, 1,2 and 3. Practice Sentence workbooks are low-cost workbooks (with Teacher Manuals) for students to work through 100 extra practice sentence in each book and designed to be used in parallel with the grammar, vocabulary and writing books. Opus 40 is a book with CD of all Michael Clay Thompson’s research paper comments. It supplements his Advanced Academic Writing series and also offers a unique stand-alone resource for grading student academic papers. The latest strand of the curriculum is the Literature Trilogies Series examining three classic novels together in progressive levels,¬†and then there is the Classical Education Editions of Caesar’s English 1. All levels of his curriculum are being issued as iBooks as well is in print versions.

His work also appears in DEVELOPING VERBAL TALENT (William & Mary Center for Gifted Education.)

Michael lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his family.

To inquire about booking Michael Clay Thompson for a conference, contact: Dr TM Kemnitz, Royal Fireworks Press Telephone: (845)-726-4444 Fax: (845)-726-3824 email: mail@rfwp.com

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