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The Self-Evident Truth Series

As companion study books to the MCT language arts curriculum, this trilogy of books by Michael Clay Thompson looks at the three great statements of equality in American history: those by Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

These books not only provide important insights into American history and culture, but they also show students the pay-off for the intensive study of language: how grammar is truly a “magic lens” into thought, how word choice can be based on rhythm and meter, and how authors select vocabulary and use poetic devices to establish meaning and impact in their writing.

This is a useful series that bridges the subjects of English, social studies, and history, but the books are also a fascinating read in themselves, offering an examination of some of the most significant and meaningful wordsmithing in American history.

Before he was elected the nation’s first African American president, Barack Obama gave an extraordinary speech on race. We offer a book that analyzes both the historical implications of that speech and the language within it. This book is a nice complement to Michael’s Self-Evident Truth series.

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