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Manuscript Submission

We gladly accept submissions for publication. Please read our guidelines before submitting a manuscript for consideration.

EDUCATION: A primary concern of Royal Fireworks Press is the education of gifted children, adolescents, and adults, whether in a school or homeschool setting.

We will discuss nonfiction work with you at any stage of its development, but we must see a completed work in order to make decision about it if it comes from authors who are new to us. Should you want to ask if we are interested in a work in progress, please write to Dr. Thomas Kemnitz (specific contact information is listed below).

FICTION FOR CHILDREN: We are always looking for captivating stories for children. We generally publish juvenile, middle grade, and young adult fiction. Although we first look for stories with excellent writing and storytelling, we are interested in novels that can be used in a school setting, and we do not print novels that glorify reprehensible behavior. We tend to look for historical fiction and stories about family relationships and growing up.

FICTION FOR ADULTS: Through Silk Label Books, we publish a number of novels for adults. Here all restrictions about language, sex, and other behaviors are removed.

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Please understand that, like everyone else in publishing, we are short on time and are unable to spend hours trying to figure out what a project is about. The faster we can make sense of a proposal, the quicker we can respond to it. We suspect that many worthy projects die because we are spending too much time figuring out what the author wants to accomplish.

All manuscripts should be carefully proofread, page-numbered, labeled, and assembled. We expect all projects to be available as electronic documents. We will return manuscripts we reject if they come with return postage included. Submitted work must be the author’s own, and no part should have been taken from other authors without their permission.

For educational submissions, please send a hard copy of your project, with a letter and a one-page synopsis, to:
Dr. Thomas Kemnitz
Royal Fireworks Press
41 First Avenue, P.O. Box 399
Unionville, NY 10988-0399

For children’s fiction, email your query letter, a one-page synopsis, and the first chapter in the body of the email to Dr. Thomas Kemnitz at [email protected]. If your novel or story interests us, we will request the full manuscript.

Manuscripts intended for an adult audience should be sent to:
William Neumann
Silk Label Books
41 First Avenue, P.O. Box 399
Unionville, NY 10988-0399

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