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The Arts

Artistic Ways of Knowing by Dr. Joanne Haroutounian

When school funding is slashed, the arts are first things to go. The consensus seems to be that art, in whatever form it appears, is a luxury that students can enjoy only if there is enough time and money. Dr. Joanne Haroutounian ardently disagrees. The arts offer richness and fulfillment to those who can practice them or who view them, and those experiences are enhanced by knowing what one is doing or observing.

Dr. Haroutounian has written a set of three books that enable teachers and homeschool co-op instructors to offer arts experiences to students of all ages and grades, all ability levels, and any socio/economic bracket. After all, looking at a painting by one of the great masters, listening to a musical composition by a famous musician, watching a ballet performed by accomplished dancers, or witnessing a performance by a practiced theater troupe is something that can bring youngsters enjoyment for a lifetime. And if they can participate in these creative endeavors, so much the better.

The three texts are companion books, although each one can easily stand alone. Together, they explain the elements of theory and practice so that not only can instructors understand the artistic experience as explained in Artistic Ways of Knowing, they can use Think Like an Artist to help bring it to students, who then can also understand it but on a much deeper level than what is typically taught. The third book, Arts Talent ID, offers helpful information and forms to assist in the identification of students who show the promise of talent in a given art form.

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You may also be interested in learning how to do screen printing, which is a simple, enjoyable, cost-effective method of creating multiples of original artwork.

Dr. Frederick Franck has written an interesting book explaining his artistic process of creating works of art that were translated to stained glass panels, which are available to view today.

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