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Hearing Impairment

As part of our efforts to share with readers the full range of human experience, we offer some novels for children on the subject of deafness.

“Deafness is a silent disability. It isolates and ignores. We need to bring this issue to the forefront and help deaf children and their peers come to learn how to live comfortably and positively with one another.” – Michael Thal, author of Goodbye, Tchaikovsky

We also offer two books (in two versions each) that introduce young children to American Sign Language (ASL). These books tell the story of a boy named Reni who learns sign language to communicate, and they include written instructions for making each sign in the book, as well as photos and QR codes that link to videos of the author signing each word or phrase.

“All of the children [I have worked with] have benefited from learning to communicate with sign language. In fact, some of these kids had no language at all before they came into our program and are now able to communicate their feelings, needs, and imagination.” – Barbara Champion, author of the Hand Talk series

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