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About Used Books

At Royal Fireworks Press, we are in our fourth decade of working on our curricula, including the language arts materials by Michael Clay Thompson. Ours is a lifetime commitment to improving our books, and those books have stood the test of time; we never stop wanting to improve them. Our drive is not only to make them the best available but more importantly to make them the absolute best that we can. We have published many of the same titles for decades, but we have changed the content radically during that time. As an example, the original Caesar’s English was 81 pages; now Caesar’s English is divided into two levels, and they are a combined 849 pages.

We do not support the purchasers of used books because by now there are too many different editions; if we altered a book, it was because we knew we could make it better, and when we did so, we destroyed the old books at whatever cost to us.

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