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Level 3: The Voyage Level

For Students Ages 10-12 or in Grades 5-6

Level 3, the Voyage Level, marks a significant step in creativity and in the demands of the writing portion of the curriculum. Students progress from learning how to write paragraphs in Paragraph Town to learning how to construct essays out of those paragraphs in Essay Voyage. It is here that many students truly begin to feel the rigor of the curriculum. In Grammar Voyage, students are expected to play with grammar in contexts that include poetry. Caesar’s English II has a good deal more emphasis on creativity than its predecessor. The poetics and practice strands continue to build on the texts from Level 2, increasing the knowledge that the students are acquiring.


(Grammar) Practice





Level 3 Packages

A Resource for Grading Academic Writing!

This book contains a downloadable archive of Michael’s comments from forty-plus years of grading student papers, as well as explanations of the comments, teaching and grading tips, and more!

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