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Michael’s grammar texts provide a comprehensible yet sophisticated introduction to grammar. They clarify, simplify, and illuminate the fascinating structure of English grammar, which, Michael argues, is deceptively simple. There are only four levels—parts of speech, parts of the sentence, phrases, and clauses—and each one is easy enough to learn. This provides the basis for Michael’s four-level analysis method, which is at the core of the grammar instruction.

“From a utilitarian point of view, I think grammar is an intellectual pocketknife; it is small, easily purchased, and so useful that one would not dream of being without it. Grammar is so lovely that even if it were useless, one would irresistibly explore it, as one explores chess, or architecture, or the spiral geometries of shells. It is a sort of magic aesthetic lens, through which we can view the delicate structures of ideas.”

– Michael Clay Thompson

The key to using the MCT language arts curriculum effectively is to teach grammar first. Unlike traditional grammar texts that drag grammar instruction out for an academic year—until it is too late to apply it—the compact MCT grammar books are designed to be launched rapidly so that students can use their newly acquired knowledge of grammar during vocabulary and writing instruction.

Grammar is the language of language arts, and once students understand it, they have the foundation to succeed at every other aspect of language.

The practice workbooks supplement the grammar program. These low-cost, consumable workbooks each contain 100 practice sentences for four-level analysis, allowing students to continue honing their grammar skills after the grammar texts have been completed.

Preliminary Level: The Poodle Level

Level 1: The Island Level

Level 2: The Town Level

Level 3: The Voyage Level

Level 4: The Classic Literature Level

Level 5: The Lens I Level

Level 6: The Lens II Level

Level 7: The Lens III Level

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