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Packages and Guides

Special packages are available for the MCT curriculum at each level. These make planning easier and also save money compared with buying the books separately. In addition, Michael Clay Thompson has put together sets of recommendations for how and when to introduce the parts of the curriculum, which can be helpful to parents and teachers who need some guidance on how to implement the program.

The elementary tier of the MCT curriculum includes the first three levels, forĀ students approximately ages 8 to 12 (or in grades 3 to 6): the Island Level, the Town Level, and the Voyage Level. The secondary tier of the MCT curriculum includes the upper four levels, forĀ students approximately ages 11 to 18 (or in grades 6 to 12): the Classic Literature Level, the Lens I Level, the Lens II Level, and the Lens III Level. Level 4, the Classic Literature Level, differs from the lower three levels and the upper three levels and acts as a bridge between the two.

Homeschool Packages

Exclusively for homeschoolers

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School Packages

Exclusively for school teachers and administrators

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Elementary Curriculum Guide

For MCT levels 1-3

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Secondary Curriculum Guide

For MCT levels 4-7

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Implementation Videos

Videos to explain the curriculum and how to implement it

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