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Research and Testimonials

Research on MCT

Scholarly research has shown that the ethos of rigor, structure, and sequence that informs the MCT curriculum is the best way to teach language arts, not only to gifted students but also to normally developing students.

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What Parents Say

“I want to thank you for sharing your language arts vision through the MCT curriculum. Your books have enriched our homeschool experience and our family…. The books have inspired a fascination with language, opened worlds of understanding, provoked more Socratic discussions than I can remember, and brought us closer together.” – Homeschooling parent

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What Teachers Say

“Michael Thompson’s work with language and literature has inspired every teacher who has encountered in his writing…his passion for the beauty and power of language. He has a way of making the teaching experience immediate, relevant, and urgent. His caring makes us care. He is able to engage our hearts so that we may see some of the magic in language and bring it to our students.” – School education coordinator

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What Michael Says

“What I have tried to do is to create a language ecosystem, where all the texts confirm and involve the others, where every book is, in addition to propelling its own content forward, an environment of examples of the other books as well. I think this is essential…. Real language is interconnected and simultaneous, so the books need to be that way too.” – Michael Clay Thompson

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