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Course Schedule

This schedule will make it easier to determine which courses are available on which day and at what time so that students who enroll in multiple courses or who have other obligations can plan their time accordingly. Note that the times listed indicate Eastern Time in the United States.

Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 a.m.      Get Organized! Executive Functioning Strategies (Fall)  
11:00 a.m.
Pre-Algebra for the Math-Averse Pre-Algebra

Eighth Grade History

Watercolor Painting (Spring)

Trigonometry (Fall)

Number Theory (Spring)

Sixth Grade History

Third Grade History
12:00 p.m. Middle School Art, Design, Animation The Science of Ancient Egypt

Public Speaking (Fall)

Understanding the Brain (Fall)

Life Science 201 (Spring)

Middle School Art, Design, Animation

A Nautical History of the World (Spring)

Creative Problem Solving through Art (Spring)

Physics Coding

World Religions (Fall)

1:00 p.m. Beginning Coding Algebra I

Math for Gifted Students 101 (Fall)

Math for Gifted Students 102 (Spring)

Seventh Grade History


Math for Gifted Students 203 (Fall)

Fifth Grade History

Architecture (Fall)

Fourth Grade History
2:00 p.m. American History: From Settlement to the Present Genetics (Spring)

Ecology and Evolution (Fall)

Art History (Fall)

Drawing I (Spring)

3:00 p.m. MCT Level 1 MCT Level 2



MCT Level 3

Statistics (Fall)

Math for Gifted Students 104 (Spring)

Painting: Traditional Landscapes (Fall)

MCT Intensive Poetry Lab

Algebra II


4:00 p.m. MCT Level 5 MCT Level 1

Spanish 1

Latin I (Fall)

Latin II (Spring)

MCT Level 7

Concepts of JavaScript and AI


MCT Level 8

Mathematical Art (Fall)

Spanish 3

Latin III (Fall)

Latin IV (Spring)

Eastern Philosophy (Ages 9-12; Fall)

5:00 p.m. World Cultural Geography

Observable Astronomy (Fall)

Drawing I (Fall)

MCT Level 5

Creative Writing (Ages 8-11; Fall)

Spanish 2


MCT Level 4

Math for Gifted Students 105 (Fall)

Human Biology (Fall)

MCT Level 3




6:00 p.m. Perspective Drawing (Fall)

Photography 101 (Fall)

Photography 102 (Spring)

Creative Writing (Ages 12-15; Fall) Western Philosophy Debates (Fall)

Western Philosophy Debates (Spring)

7:00 p.m. MCT Level 2

Understanding AI Chatbot Models

Modern Britain

MCT Level 4

Classical Logic I (Fall)

Classical Logic II (Spring)

MCT Level 9 MCT Level 6

Essay Voyage Seminar

Advanced Essay Writing Seminar

Career and College Writing Seminar

Astronomy 101

Beginning JavaScript

American Local History

8:00 p.m. Greece in the Classical Age Chess Club
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