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Our curricula are designed to be both appealing and accessible to children, whether they're gifted, motivated, or have special needs or considerations. We're best-known for the MCT language arts curriculum, but we also offer curricula in math, science, history, philosophy, Latin, the arts, and more!


Beyond the wealth of books in our curricula, we provide an assortment of novels for children, including historical novels, philosophy novels, biographies, and adventure stories. We also offer books for adults on the topics of giftedness and twice-exceptionality, as well as books about various educational approaches.

Online Courses

We offer courses for many types of learners. Gifted children will find peers here, but we also specialize in teaching twice-exceptional children, so kids who struggle to reach their academic potential because of a learning disability or neurodivergence will have a learning environment that helps them thrive.

At Royal Fireworks, we offer exceptional books and online learning experiences.

We believe that children can achieve more than what is often expected of them and that they want to be trusted to reach ambitious intellectual and academic goals. Our curricula and online courses are designed to be challenging but also accessible to students in a broad range of ages and ability levels. After all, everyone has the potential to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Royal Fireworks was founded in 1977 to enhance the educational experiences of gifted children.

We’re known for enticing children with a challenge, and while that originated in the form of books for gifted children, it has expanded through the years to be both more inclusive and more diverse. We have added an array of books for children who struggle with dyslexia and other reading disorders, and we proudly host an online learning community that includes students from all over the world. We believe that every child deserves extraordinary learning experiences.

Unparalleled Materials for Your Gifted Homeschool Curriculum

Many of the homeschooling parents who come to us do so because their gifted child is languishing in a traditional school environment, and they need curricula that will challenge and engage their child at home. However, homeschooling parents of children of all ability levels have discovered that our curricula are suitable for their youngsters as well. The truth is that all children want to be given materials that enrich their learning with beautiful images and interesting content. And why should they have anything less than that?

Curricula for School Gifted Programs and Regular Classroom Teachers

Most of the educational institutions that use our curricula provide them for teachers of gifted programs and special classes for gifted and high-achieving students. Our curricula are uniquely suited for students who crave materials that ask them to stretch their minds and expand their intellects. Nevertheless, teachers in regular classrooms in public, private, and charter schools have discovered that our curricula give their students a boost academically, intellectually, and motivationally. Children of all ability levels appreciate the respect that comes from expecting them to achieve what we ask of them, so long as we provide them with the materials and the support to succeed.

“We must provide a model in which self-esteem is the accomplishment that students feel after successfully struggling for intellectual growth. In order to develop talent, we don’t give kids things they can do; we give them things they cannot do—yet.”

– Michael Clay Thompson

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