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We offer two sets of 150 flashcards each to help students study all of the stems and words in Caesar’s English I and Caesar’s English II, the Levels 2 and 3 vocabulary texts in the MCT language arts curriculum.

The cards are 4×6 inches in size and are printed on durable card stock. Each card contains a stem or word on the front and its definition on the back, all in large black font to make it easy to read. The cards are packaged in sequential order by lesson, so it’s simply a matter of taking the next set of five or ten cards off the stack to study as students progress through the book. However, each card is also labeled with the lesson it pertains to in small type at the bottom so that they can be mixed up for more challenging studying and then rearranged later. The sets come in a sturdy, clear plastic envelope with a no-fuss clasp to enable convenient storage.

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