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The capacity to think logically has always been fundamentally important to a thoughtful, informed life, but it is increasingly critical as the question of what is real and what is not becomes more difficult to answer. With the profusion of technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, which generate content that looks and sounds convincingly real, as well as the uptick in deliberate disinformation campaigns by unscrupulous actors, young people today are growing up in a world in which understanding how to differentiate between good and bad reasons to believe something is an essential component in navigating the truth. It is also a crucial part of ensuring that they protect themselves from becoming ensnared in technology-enhanced crimes such as online theft, extortion, and blackmail. What we believe to be true determines how we think and feel about what we experience—and ultimately how we decide to act.

With the right tools, we can help young people build the skills to become thoughtful, discerning individuals, capable of making good choices, forming sound arguments to justify those choices, and enjoying the confidence of knowing that they have done the right thing.


A Logic Text for Advanced Students

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