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Western Philosophy

by Dr. Sharon Kaye

This is an unparalleled academic Western philosophy series for students of all ages!

Our expansive Western philosophy series consists of books for students in kindergarten all the way through the twelfth grade, taking them through the full history of the Western philosophical tradition, from the Presocratics to contemporary concerns.

The student books are stories or novels that cleverly draw students in and introduce them to various philosophers and their philosophies in creative and innovative ways. The books are engaging, gorgeously illustrated, and intellectually uplifting.

Each book is accompanied by a teacher manual or a guidebook that contains historical and philosophical background information about the philosophers and the events from the story, as well as an array of high-level discussion questions that will get kids thinking and debating long after the story is over.

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For Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5

The first three volumes are picture books that use vivid, creative, engaging illustrations to complement the text, which tells a story and which increases in substance from year to year. They form a simple, clear, and surprisingly sophisticated introduction to the concerns of the philosophers.

For Students in Grades 3-8

The second set of three volumes are formatted as chapter books that tell stories but with less reliance on images. In these books, philosophers begin to appear as characters in the stories.

For Students in Grades 6-11

The third set of three books is presented as a trilogy of novels that contain gorgeous, full-color works of art, including some renowned masterpieces. In these books, a group of middle school students enter the past through virtual reality simulations, where they engage with famous philosophers and scientists who are the heart of the Western intellectual tradition.

For Students in Grades 9-12 and at the College Level

The fourth trilogy of books brings readers into the modern era with characters who meet and have meaningful interactions with some of the most influential philosophers and other historical figures of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The stories are brilliantly engaging, bringing philosophy into the context of real-world issues and concerns.

For Students in Grades 11-12 and at the College Level

The final book in the series is a gripping historical novel that deals with a variety of complex topics ranging from reality to economics, philosophy to religion, genius to homosexuality and sexual attraction, all of which were hotly debated in the first decades of the twentieth century.

We want students to develop a relationship with the material they are learning that engages them in situations in which they are questioning and theorizing and judging the arguments that intrigue academic philosophers. Dr. Kaye’s books do that. Students cannot help but be drawn in by the stories, and they cannot help but to learn in the process.

Dr. Kaye says:

“I was so happy to find in Royal Fireworks a publisher that is willing to take a chance on philosophy for kids. Philosophy needs to be a standard part of any education. It is the mother of all of the academic disciplines, and it will always be a part of them, inspiring the ever-greater reach of the human mind.”

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