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Level 7: The Lens III Level

For Students Ages 14+ or in Grades 9-10

Level 7, the Lens III Level, is the highest level of the MCT language arts curriculum. Building on the previous two levels, it takes students to the most advanced concepts in grammar, vocabulary, writing, and poetics. The writing book is particularly rigorous; the focus has shifted from the “hows” of writing to the “what” of the essay. The poetics book asks students to consider the concept of truth within the context of Plato’s explorations of it. Students who complete this level will be well-prepared for the intellectual and academic demands of college and professional life.


(Grammar) Practice





Level 7 Packages

A Resource for Grading Academic Writing!

This book contains a downloadable archive of Michael’s comments from forty-plus years of grading student papers, as well as explanations of the comments, teaching and grading tips, and more!

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