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The MCT Language Arts Curriculum

MCT Language arts curriculum

Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Poetics, Practice, and Literature by Michael Clay Thompson

The MCT language arts curriculum is a comprehensive, multilevel curriculum designed to provide children with a thorough understanding of the English language. Michael is a master at welcoming children into the beauty of the language and of introducing them to its simplicity, its clarity, and its usefulness. The knowledge that he imparts is critical to enable children to speak and write well—not just for their academic success but for their success in professional life as well, no matter what they endeavor to do for a living. It will also make them better communicators in their personal lives.

Children are ready to begin the curriculum once they are adept enough at reading to be able to learn from it, and the curriculum continues all the way up to a level of rigor that many students never encounter even at the university level. But what makes the MCT curriculum truly special is the enthusiasm and joy that Michael brings to it, and the children love it.

These exciting and demanding books are phenomenally successful, both as standalones and as part of a longer-term, progressive English language arts curriculum, both in gifted and talented programs and in the regular classroom, as well as in homeschools and homeschool co-ops. Student books and instructor manuals are available for each strand of the curriculum.

We’re also converting all of the books to Kindle eBooks so that digital editions are available for those who need them. We’ll put them up as we complete them, so check back regularly!

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