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Many students have a natural affinity for and love of math, and the right materials can go a long way toward nurturing that love into a happy lifetime relationship. However, students can turn away from math when the texts and drill-and-practice worksheets become so boring that they choose to pursue other, more stimulating interests. Our objective is to provide materials with the emotional spark that will tempt students to pursue mathematical interests beyond the narrow confines of ordinary curricula.

Math Books for Elementary-Age and Middle-Grade Students

Mathematical Nights: Math Fiction

This series cleverly weaves math problems into three novels about a seventh-grade girl who finds herself tasked with answering mathematically-based questions for a group of paranormal creatures.

Night of the Paranormal Patterns Dyslexia-Friendly Books

The first Mathematical Nights novel is also available as a set of dyslexia-friendly books that incorporate several special features to make them accessible to students with reading difficulties.

Mathematical Lives: Biographies of Mathematicians

This is an outstanding series designed to introduce students to the people who developed math and show how they shaped the solutions that we take for granted today.

Math for Fun!

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