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School Packages

Teachers and administrators can evaluate the full MCT language arts curriculum by purchasing Complete School Packages of the books at each level. These packages include one student book and one instructor manual for the six components at that level of the MCT curriculum: grammar, practice, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature. These books complement one another and, when studied together, make a complete English language arts curriculum for students. The prices of these packages offer significant savings over purchasing the books individually.

The Student Books-Only Packages supply the student books for a class. Each of these packages contains one of each student book in the six components of the MCT curriculum for that grade level: grammar, practice, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature, offered at a reduced price. Purchase more than 10 packages to receive an even lower price!

The Preliminary Level

For Children in Grades 1-3 (Ages 6-9)

Level 1

For Children in Grades 3-4 (Ages 8-10)

Level 2

For Children in Grades 4-5 (Ages 9-11)

Level 3

For Children in Grades 5-6 (Ages 10-12)

Level 4

For Children in Grades 6-7 (Ages 11-14)

Level 5

For Children in Grades 7-8 (Ages 12+)

Level 6

For Children in Grades 8-9 (Ages 13+)

Level 7

For Children in Grades 9-10 (Ages 14+)

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