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Homeschool Packages

The MCT grammar, practice, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature books are available in packages to enable parents and homeschool instructors to implement a complete language arts curriculum. Although the books can be studied individually and ordered separately, they are designed to integrate students’ studies, and they complement one another to provide a full language arts curriculum. Therefore, to get the most benefit, many parents choose to buy all of the books at the appropriate level for their child so that they can teach across the spectrum of grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature. It is for this reason that we have put together packages that cost less than what it would cost to buy the books separately.

The Complete Homeschool Packages contain a student book and an instructor manual for the six components at each level of the MCT curriculum (grammar, practice, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature). This is the way Michael intended his books to be used—for the student to read in the student book and for the parent or teacher to raise Socratic questions based on the extra materials in the manuals. With the exception of the practice books, these curriculum books are not workbooks but are books to be read and reread, with concepts as well as competencies for students to absorb—hence also Michael’s emphasis on the look and presentation of the material in the student books and his desire that each student have a book from which to work.

In each of the Complete Homeschool Packages, there is a schedule for implementing the curriculum, as well as a weekly lesson plan that parents can follow, although they are encouraged to use it flexibly according to the needs of their child. This booklet is ONLY available to parents who have purchased a Complete Homeschool Package; it is NOT available for purchase separately.

Student Books-Only Packages: We offer packages in each level that contain only the student books, with no instructor manuals. This is especially convenient for parents who have more than one child studying the same level of the curriculum and need an extra set of student books.

For Registered Homeschoolers: FREE SHIPPING on all prepaid orders (in the domestic U.S. only) that include an MCT Complete Homeschool Package or an MCT Student Books-Only Package. When you order an MCT package, you can add any other books at the same time and qualify for free shipping on the entire order. Be sure to create an account or to log in to your account on this website to take advantage of this offer! (Contact us for shipping costs outside the U.S.)

The Preliminary Level

For Students Ages 6-9 (Grades 1-3)

Level 1

For Students Ages 8-10 (Grades 3-4)

Level 2

For Students Ages 9-11 (Grades 4-5)

Level 3

For Students Ages 10-12 (Grades 5-6)

Level 4

For Students Ages 11-14 (Grades 6-7)

Level 5

For Students Ages 12+ (Grades 7-8)

Level 6

For Students Ages 13+ (Grades 8-9)

Level 7

For Students Ages 14+ (Grades 9-10)

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