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What Parents Say about the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community:

“Royal Fireworks has outstripped my expectations time and time again. We’ve got three kids in the Online Learning Community right now, and we will keep at it! What a wonderful company you are.” – Allison C.

“My daughter is currently enrolled in MCT 3 and Eastern Philosophy through the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. She absolutely loves the classes.” – Megan M.

“I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the MCT curriculum when my oldest was in third grade, and we have used it for both children every year since! I recommend it to others all the time, and this year both of my children are part of Michael’s online classes. My son looks forward to class every Wednesday afternoon.” – Laura R.

“My daughter is currently taking the fall semester with Mr. Thompson. I would like to express my deep appreciation for your program offerings. Our homeschool experience has been greatly enriched by Royal Fireworks. My daughter is looking forward to adding more courses in the upcoming semester.” – Tammy V.

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