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Five-time winner of Practical Homeschooling’s i-Learn Award for best online instruction

Multi-year winner of a Best Curriculum and Resources on the Planet Award from How To Homeschool

What Students Are Saying about the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community:


“I have some good news from my school applications. I got accepted into both schools that I applied to: Davidson Academy Online and Stanford Online High School! I have decided to take four core courses at Davidson Academy Online and one elective at Stanford Online High School.

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. Royal Fireworks gave me the courage to drop my previous traditional private school, where I was not learning anything. Royal Fireworks gave me the ground to strive, to explore, and to broaden my knowledge and thinking. It provided me with critical aid and a much-needed individualized learning environment. I am so grateful that you have created this platform for kids like me. It gave me the opportunity to develop my potential, which traditional schools would never have been able to do. I will be forever grateful for Royal Fireworks. Thank you again.” – Nathan, student

“Throughout this course, my speech and writing habits have improved immensely…. I see writing with grammar and punctuation mistakes every day, and I am thankful that I do not make those same mistakes due to this course…. This course has also enlightened me of the fact that words are power…. This valuable insight gave me the motivation and incentive to start on the path to expanding my vocabulary further. I plan to continue to find and learn new words, continuing where MCT4 left off.

“This course has exposed me to more poetry than the entirety of my life before it…. [It] has made me aware of the techniques writers use in their writing and has helped me learn how to use them myself…. This course has also exposed me to the literature of intelligent writers of the past. I have read and written about classic American nonfiction that many of my peers have not heard of yet, despite their importance.

“My progress throughout this course astounds me. In the beginning, I felt unknowledgeable, as if I would end up spending the entire course playing catch-up. Instead, I progressed significantly, catching on quickly and improving from there…. I grasped the significance of my progress when I mentioned this course and what I was learning to my friend in school and she found the four-level analyses complicated and confusing. At that point, I understood how they worked, but she reminded me of myself at the beginning of the course; she made me realize how much I improved…. This course has helped me advance my reading level and improve my writing; it has helped me understand grammar and sentence structure on a deeper level; and it has changed the way I speak daily. This course has changed my life for the better, and the knowledge it left behind will stick with me throughout my life.” – Sophia, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 4 course

“Before MCT4, I had not done much structured academic writing. I had not heard of or followed the MLA format. Now, as I look back on the writing I have done this semester, I see that I have made strides to becoming a better writer.

“I love that writing is the product of all of the other things I have learned. Grammar provides the framework to add structure, vocabulary words are the bricks that build the writing, punctuation locks everything in place and provides smooth edges, and reading poetry and literature gives me the techniques and ideas that make my writing interesting. With all the knowledge Mr.T gave me in those areas, I was able to create some writing that I am proud of.

“MCT Level 4 has been a game-changer for me and my homeschooling. I have learned more in this class than any I have taken previously. It is the first of Mr.T’s classes that I have taken, but I look forward to learning with him for years to come. Mr.T has not only given me a profound understanding of our language, but he has also given me a deeper love of learning. Mr.T is fun and never condescending, treating us like the thinking beings we are and pushing us to write and read difficult things. He takes the time to review and provide constructive criticism to each grammar or writing assignment that I send. Mr.T’s class is tough and requires deep thinking, but it rewarded me with more confidence in my writing and a more well-rounded knowledge of our language.” – Marco, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 4 course

“I have learned a great deal in this class but I know I have barely scratched the surface of all there is to learn about language arts. I love the literature, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation this course has taught me, and I am so excited for what lies ahead. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.” – Finn, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 2 course

“Perhaps the most important thing that I have learned in this course is the grammar. I have gone through other methods of teaching grammar, but they did not show the connection between all of its components. I was never able to fully understand the structure until this year. Grammar for the first time has become fun….

“I came into this class as someone who barely understood any of the concepts which we learned about this year, but now I only want learn more and write more until I master all the skills which I have learned this year…. I appreciate all that you have taught us, and I am excited to join MCT6 next year!” – Joaquin, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 5 course

“I have amassed a prodigious amount of vocabulary knowledge in this course. My increase in knowledge of vocabulary words has made a colossal effect on my writing and ability to read. With my profuse knowledge of vocabulary, I have been able to recognize words that normally would have been challenging to identify. During this course I have developed a large vocabulary that will continue developing after this course ends.” – Sammy, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 4 course (cleverly weaving in several MCT classic words)

“Every part of MCT2 made a difference in me, and I enjoyed the entire process immensely.” – Shanna, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 2 course

What Parents Are Saying about the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community:


“When I came upon your materials, it was like finding paradise. We had the Level 1, Level 2, and Mud books, but when I saw that you were starting courses, I was so excited! (By the way, my 7-year-old cried she was laughing so hard at the end of The Rescue at Fragment Crag.) I can already see a difference in my daughter’s writing after your courses. She absolutely loved all three components of these two classes: grammar (which I think was her favorite), weekly reader response, and the essays. Once she submitted her final coursework, she came home from school that afternoon, and the first thing she said was, ‘I miss my mrT classes.’” – Homeschooling parents, in a letter to Michael Clay Thompson

“My son told me that what he learns in one hour at Royal Fireworks is more than he has leaned in one month at his old school. Thank you for making his transition a seamless one. He is thriving!” – Patty C.

“Royal Fireworks has outstripped my expectations time and time again. We’ve got three kids in the Online Learning Community right now, and we will keep at it! What a wonderful company you are.” – Allison C.

“I am over the moon to have found RFWP. I have never seen my daughter as excited for classes as she has been this year. The courses offered are the perfect challenge level for her to keep her interested and to aid her growth.” – Krista F.

“I am a huge fan of RFWP. I’ve been utilizing the MCT language arts curriculum for homeschooling my daughter for over four years now, and I also love the philosophy curriculum. This winter I enrolled my daughter in Sharon Kaye’s Philosophy Debates workshop and thought it went great!” – Liz B.

“My daughter is currently enrolled in MCT3 and Eastern Philosophy through the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. She absolutely loves the classes.” – Megan M.

“I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the MCT curriculum when my oldest was in third grade, and we have used it for both children every year since! I recommend it to others all the time, and this year both of my children are part of Michael’s online classes. My son looks forward to class every Wednesday afternoon.” – Laura R.

“My daughter is currently taking the fall semester with Mr. Thompson. I would like to express my deep appreciation for your program offerings. Our homeschool experience has been greatly enriched by Royal Fireworks. My daughter is looking forward to adding more courses in the upcoming semester.” – Tammy V.

“Thank you for putting the MCT courses together. My boys have learned so much in the last nine weeks, as have I! We still have a lot to learn, and although I am somewhat anxious about the work entailed with writing, I know it is exactly what we need. I am grateful for your support and exemplary teaching. The program has helped me to use the materials effectively rather than stumble through them somewhat blindly. Thank you again!” – Homeschooling parent of three boys

“My daughter really is enjoying your geology course. It is the one class I do not have to beg her to take good notes for and to do further research outside of class for. I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and thrive in your class. Also, I’m very happy to see the dreams/goals/possibilities she is starting to put in place for her future. Again, thank you! Great teachers a make a huge difference.” – Parent of a student in a science course taught by Bryan Roessel

“Thank you for providing my daughter with a life-changing art course this past semester! Zoe started each week in eager anticipation of her art class. She spent countless hours deeply engaged with her art assignments. She has discovered her love of the visual arts and feels a greater sense of confidence in her abilities as a result of the technical training developed under [Cody’s] guidance. Thank you.” – Parent of a student in an art course taught by Cody Rounds

“Lexi absolutely loved your class this year. She enjoyed all of your conversations and sharing what she learned with me and my husband. She has asked to sign up for your other course next year.” – Parent of a student in a history course taught by Dr. Thomas M. Kemnitz

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