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Level 4: The Classic Literature Level

For Students Ages 11-14 or in Grades 6-7

Level 4, the Classic Literature Level, was developed to fill the gap that exists in rigor between the elementary levels and the secondary levels of the curriculum. It contains books that focus on the grammar, vocabulary, writing, and poetic techniques used by the writers of great classics of English and American literature. It acts as a bridge between the elementary and secondary levels, but it is so rich in content that it is recommended even for students who have advanced beyond this level.

The Classic Literature Level is a launching pad for the serious study of literature, offering students—and their instructors—a unique, in-depth look at some of the greatest works of literature in the English language. It will impart an appreciation for the diligence and dedication of the authors of those works, revealing techniques that readers will look for in future books and will employ in their own writing as well.


(Grammar) Practice





Level 4 Packages

A Resource for Grading Academic Writing!

This book contains a downloadable archive of Michael’s comments from forty-plus years of grading student papers, as well as explanations of the comments, teaching and grading tips, and more!

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