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(Grammar) Practice

The practice books are low-cost, consumable workbooks that extend the grammar instruction. Because the grammar books are designed to be launched—and completed—early in the year, the practice books will enable students to keep their grammar skills sharp throughout the rest of the school year. Analyzing the sentences in these books will also reinforce what the students are learning in other strands of the curriculum.

“We think of grammar and vocabulary as different areas of language study, but doing these analyses is a sharp reminder that every part of speech is a word, and every word is a part of speech—without exception. Formal language study requires rigorous and connected grammar and vocabulary development.”

– Michael Clay Thompson

In each book there are one hundred sentences organized by emphasis, with the first twenty-five featuring parts of speech, the second set of twenty-five focusing on parts of the sentence, the third set emphasizing phrases, and the last set focusing on clauses.

In the student books, there is a sentence on each page with four lines beneath it where students can write their analyses. The instructor manuals give not only the correct answers but also explanations, comments, and suggestions for topics for discussion.

Level 1: The Island Level

Level 2: The Town Level

Level 3: The Voyage Level

Level 4: The Classic Literature Level

Level 5: The Lens I Level

Level 6: The Lens II Level

Level 7: The Lens III Level

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