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About the MCT Curriculum

MCT Language arts curriculum

The MCT Language Arts Curriculum

The curriculum by Michael Clay Thompson includes grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, practice, and literature.

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Michael Clay Thompson not only wrote the curriculum; he designed all of the books. He understands the relationship of ideas to presentation, and this is one of the features that makes his books engaging and accessible.

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Are the MCT books only for gifted students? How long does it take to use the curriculum? We answer your most frequently-asked questions here, including these and more.

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Videos of Michael help to show why he is such a successful educator and why his teaching methods are so effective with students.

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Michael Clay Thompson is an empowering and inspirational presenter. Book through us for teachers’ professional development workshops in language arts to implement the curriculum more effectively.

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Michael Clay Thompson, through his books, teaching, and presentations, not only has enabled millions of students to achieve extraordinary success on tests but also has inspired them and their instructors with a new and enduring love of language and literature.

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Research and Testimonials

Research has shown that the MCT curriculum is the best way to teach language arts to students. The students’ comments about it show that they love it, and so do their parents and teachers!

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About Used Books

Ours is a lifetime commitment to improving our books. Our drive is not only to make them the best available but to make them the absolute best that we can. If we altered a book, it was because we knew we could make it better, and when we did so, we destroyed the old books at whatever cost to us.

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