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How to Choose a Level

Our level recommendations are relatively clear for teachers; the levels fit easily into grade categories, with a small degree of flexibility depending on the readiness of the majority of the students in the classroom. Homeschooling parents, however, may have a more difficult time choosing a level that is appropriate for their child.

There is no hard and fast rule for knowing with which level to start. It depends, of course, on the age and competence of the child but also on how much work the child has done in language arts. For students in grades 3 to 4, it is generally better to begin at Level 1, the Island Level. For those in grade 5, the second level, the Town Level, is often the better choice. And for those in grade 6, the third level, the Voyage Level, is often the best place to start. For students who are beginning the curriculum a bit later, the recommended starting point is Level 5, the Lens I Level. Where appropriate, the use of the Level 3 writing book can be used in an abbreviated way to introduce the student to the basic concepts of the essay, and the student can then move on to writing text for Level 5.

Note that Level 4, the Classic Literature Level, is a special level that does not necessarily need to be done in order. It acts as a bridge between the elementary and secondary levels of the curriculum, but it is so enriching and engaging that students who have advanced beyond this level would benefit from going back to it and completing it.

We have produced a useful video to help guide you in your selection of a level that is appropriate for a particular student. And of course, we are always happy to talk you through your decision. Simply give us a call: (845) 726-4444.

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