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Paul Sullivan Novels

Paul Sullivan tells compelling stories; he is a gripping, factual storyteller. Most of his books explore the connectedness between humans and nature, embodying his belief in the importance of the care and preservation of the natural world—and of the devastating consequences of human failure in that regard. Although The Spirit Walker takes place in Africa, The Unforgiving Land, Keewatin, The Seal Hunters, and Legend of the North are all set in the vast Arctic wilderness, and every one of them is imbued with a deep respect for the land and the creatures—both the animals and the Indigenous peoples—that live upon it.

Sullivan’s other novels examine the frailty and the resilience of human nature, delving into the futility of war in A Burning of Prayers, the historical background of child labor in Breaker at Dawn, and the ravages of the Great Famine in Ireland in A Thousand Tears

One of the most attractive characteristics of Sullivan’s novels is their range of appeal. His books are accessible for pre-teen readers, but they are equally for adults. He has the capacity to weave his plots and his sense of values into accurate and beautiful stories that will thrill and enchant readers for generations.

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