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Vidabeth Bensen

Vidabeth Bensen studied art in graduate school at Brooklyn College and later taught high school art in Brooklyn and on Long Island, New York. She spent more than two decades living overseas, including in Okinawa and in Morocco, where she worked at the American Embassy in Rabat as a graphic artist. In Germany she worked as an illustrator for the Giessen Military Community. She went back to teaching high school art in an American high school near Tokyo and then taught an elementary art program for gifted students in Seoul, Korea. After returning to the United States, she became an artist in residence for the Durham, North Carolina, schools, a position she held for eight years. She currently runs a screen printing class at Confratute, a world-wide conference in gifted education at the University of Connecticut every summer, and she continues to create original prints, cards, t-shirts, and hand-printed calendars using screen printing.

Books by Vidabeth Bensen

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