Educational Play: Math Games and Activities for Your Child

Author: Valentine, Deborah

Subjects: Mathematics; Early Learning

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This book is a compendium of dozens of activities and games to play with young children to enhance their awareness of and ability in math. They offer a fun way for children to discover that math is all around them and that basic computation and estimation skills are essential to navigating life in the real world. The activities are easy to understand and quick to implement and provide children with basic knowledge in subjects as varied as kitchen measurements, consumer math, financial literacy, budgeting, and even holding a garage sale. There's also a chapter of games that kids can play in the car. This is an invaluable resource for parents who want to raise children who are comfortable using math in their everyday lives!

"A rich treasure-trove of resourses for parents..." – David Feldman, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Studies, Eliot-Pearson Dept. of Child Study, Tufts University

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