Arts Talent ID (book only)

A Framework for the Identification of Students Talented in the Arts

By Joanne Haroutounian, Ph.D.

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Arts Talent ID offers specialists in the arts an effective way to identify students who display potential talent in the arts (visual arts, music, dance/movement, theater/drama). The framework includes identification procedures and criteria that recognize arts-specific talent characteristics.


Arts Talent ID is an important book that offers specialists in the fields of gifted education and the arts an effective and pragmatic way to identify students who display potential talent in the arts (visual arts, music, dance/movement, theater/drama). The identification framework includes an overview of recommended arts identification procedures and their comparison with normal gifted/talented procedures. It offers criteria for identification that recognize arts-specific talent characteristics based on analyses of identification and performance/portfolio assessment instruments used by arts specialists and gifted/arts programs across the country.

Arts Talent ID provides a comprehensive arts identification procedure that can be pragmatically implemented in any school, from general classroom observations to specialized audition/portfolio assessments.

This book is also available for purchase with supplementary downloads.

Dr. Joanne Haroutounian has been researching and writing about artistic ways of knowing and the importance of including the arts in gifted and talented identification for decades, presenting regularly at NAGC conferences and chairing the Arts Network when influential people like Elliot Eisner were brought to the conference. She says:

“I began with the arts ID framework first because it is sorely needed, and there is nothing available that provides a solid identification structure reflecting specific arts talent criteria. I am pleased that this framework is now widely available to those in the gifted and arts fields.”


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“Haroutounian has written a valuable book for teachers and administrators to identify elementary and secondary students who hunger for and need advanced instruction and challenges in the arts…. I think this book is a breakthrough for arts specialists, classroom teachers, administrators, and parents.” – Gail N. Herman, Ph.D., NAGC Arts Network Newsletter