Make Me Disappear

By Cameron Kent

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Sam is an apprentice magician under the Great Blackwell LaVeque, and because of trouble at home, he convinces Blackwell to send him to Wundriana, where all things go when they disappear. He has no intention of returning. But Wundriana is not the paradise that Sam believes, and he quickly finds himself in a deadly battle against an evil figure. Now Sam must decide where he truly wants to be, and only a combination of wit and magic can make it happen.


It is said that when a true magician leaves this realm, another one is sent to take his place. Harry Houdini died on October 31st—Halloween, which also happens to be Sam Sullivan’s birthday. And Sam has always been fascinated by magic.

The highlight of Sam’s tenth birthday party is a magic act by Chocko the Clown. But Sam does some investigating and discovers that Chocko is really Blackwell LaVeque, one of the greatest magicians of all time. So he goes to Blackwell’s house to confront him and to beg him to become an apprentice magician under him. And because Sam’s birthday is the same day as Houdini’s death—because Sam could be the next true magician—Blackwell agrees. The two quickly form a friendship, which becomes increasingly important to Sam as his life at home becomes more difficult.

Sam’s father is a widower who is newly engaged to the dishonest and materialistic Cynthia, a woman who loves Mr. Sullivan’s money but not his son. When she begins talking about boarding schools for Sam, Sam flees to Blackwell’s house and asks to be sent to Wundriana, the magical realm where all things go when they disappear. Blackwell agrees—but only because Sam doesn’t reveal that he has no intention of returning.

What Sam doesn’t know is that Wundriana isn’t the paradise he believes it is. Evil lurks there in the form of a dark character named Sinjin, who pursues Sam and his new friend, a woman named Kristina who is trapped in Wundriana. Unlike Sam, Kristina wants to go home, and the magic to do that might be hidden in a special book, a gift to Sam from Blackwell that Sam has brought with him to Wundriana. But Sinjin wants that book and will stop at nothing to get it. It’s a life or death battle of will and wits, and Sam is at the heart of it.

Can Sam and Kristina escape Sinjin? Can they get Kristina back to the real world? What about Sam? His father has been worried sick about him, and Blackwell has, too. In fact, there have been some big changes at home. Sam is going through his own process of change as well. Now he must decide where he truly wants to be, and only a combination of wit and magic can make it happen.


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