Manifesto of the Gifted Girl

By Joan Franklin Smutny, Ph.D.

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This beautifully illustrated book is designed to strengthen, inspire, and counsel those girls and women who are struggling to find their place in school and society, as well as those who are venturing out on their own for the first time. It is written to give readers strength and hope from the messages contained within its pages.


Manifesto of the Gifted Girl reaches out to girls and women in all walks of life and in every kind of circumstance. It strengthens, inspires, and counsels those who are struggling to find their place in school and society, as well as those who are venturing out on their own for the first time.

Framed with the voices of the girls themselves, the book is conversational in style and is written so that both girls and young women can gain strength and hope from the messages contained within its pages.

This is an important book that will help advocates (parents, older friends, mentors) understand and support gifted girls. It is beautifully illustrated with images of women and girls in art and history.


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“As a gifted girl, I related to just about everything in this book…. Reading Manifesto of the Gifted Girl was uplifting, raising me out of a sometimes oppressive world to stand securely on my own two feet and declare that I can be great.” – Clara, freshman at the University of Iowa

“In our society, we are often pummeled with stereotypical images of who we ‘should’ be. Girls are especially vulnerable with the air-brushed images of ‘perfection’ paraded before them in magazines and pop culture stars that emphasize body over brains. Manifesto of the Gifted Girl presents a refreshing, liberating perspective for girls, highlighting women role models in history and exploring a wide spectrum of concerns and needs of real girls. This book will help every deep-thinking girl discover who she is and learn that it is not only okay but right to be herself.” – Kathryn P. Haydon, teacher and founder, Ignite Creative Learning Studio, Ojai, CA

“The three parts of this book directly relate to how girls should go about living out their gifted abilities. I really love the part that says, ‘I am different from a lot of girls, but I still want to feel part of a community.’ [The author] knows how young girls think and what they should do about things like this. Joan Smutny is an inspiration to all who read this.” – Lauren, high school student

“This book touched my heart. Manifesto of a Gifted Girl by Joan Smutny is about how special you are, not as just as a person, but as a girl. When I read this book, I came downstairs and cried in my mom’s arms. My favorite part was at the end of the book when Ms. Joan talked about all the women who accomplished something that no one else had done as a woman…. I give this book five out of five stars. This book inspired me to be the first to cure cancer or progeria. Thank you, Ms. Joan.” – Gabrielle Rose Sharp, age 9

“This inspirational and informative book, Manifesto of the Gifted Girl, is a very attractive discussion of three major areas concerned with academic, social, and educational development. I should emphasize that the format, graphics, and illustrations are excellent and clearly highlight the three major sections:

“Part I emphasizes that gifted girls should follow their own interests and motivations to decide upon their life goals and careers….

“Part II discusses many of the characteristics that gifted girls must have to reach their highest academic and life goals….

“Part III is the culmination of the two previous sections, since it concentrates on how gifted girls can attain their life goals and make important contributions to all endeavors by applying their knowledge and self-understanding with confidence….

“Both the author and publisher should be congratulated on the synergy that obviously occurred between them in producing this book. As the result of this synergy, Manifesto of the Gifted Girl provides all girls who have the potential for outstanding accomplishments with the encouragement and resources to achieve their goals. I highly recommend this book for use in the gifted classroom, the homeschooling environment, and as a gift of confidence from parent to child.” – Maurice D. Fisher, Ph.D., publisher (Gifted Education Press) and educational psychologist  

“Many gifted and talented girls and young women experience moments when they strain to find their way and others when they strive to exert their independence. In Manifesto of the Gifted Girl, Joan Franklin Smutny delivers a small gem that provides guidance, grounding, goals, and grace to girls and young women coming to terms with their gifts. In thirty pages, this wonderful book helps gifted girls come to understand their talents and identify what supports they need to thrive. Beautifully written and illustrated, Manifesto of the Gifted Girl also allows gifted girls a glimpse of their future, using quotations from accomplished women, some historical and some contemporary, to provide inspiration and impetus. An instant classic in the field, the book is necessary reading for every gifted girl and young woman and those who help nurture their talents.” – Professor Stephen T. Schroth, Knox College

“I come from a family of gifted individuals. As I turned the pages of this brilliantly written book by the prolific author Joan Smutny, I found the gifts of all of my sisters’ lives written within the pages. Manifesto of the Gifted Girl is a gift to gifted girls of any age. This book is a discovery of identity for individuals whose gifts have been lost and are waiting to be found and given to others.” – Gail Arnold, Chicago teacher