The Glimpsing Book

By Steve Loe

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Henrietta and TP meet in the middle school library, where a strange new librarian gives Henrietta a mysterious book. The book offers Henrietta a glimpse of what her life could be, if only she can believe in herself. Sebastian has been hunting for the book since seeing it in a series of unusual photos, and his search leads him to Henrietta and TP. But the three pre-teens discover that, while the book—and the librarian—are extraordinary, the true magic is within themselves.


Twelve-year-old Sebastian keeps finding photographs that are eerily similar to one another, despite the fact that they span vast differences in place and time. The common element in them all? A mysterious book. Sebastian’s search for answers, which his logical mind craves, leads him to Carver Middle School and two students who have formed an unlikely friendship over their desire to save the school library.

Henrietta and TP couldn’t be more different, and yet they share having a difficult home life, Henrietta because of the premature death of her mother and TP because of a harsh, authoritarian father. But what brings them together is the safe haven of the school library, which the head librarian wants to “modernize” to include research resources but nothing to feed the imagination. Henrietta loves nothing more than losing herself in a good fantasy novel, and TP finds the library a quiet, secluded place to draw. Neither of them wants to see it remodeled to remove the books and art to be replaced with computers.

But when a new assistant librarian is hired, she gives Henrietta a book that reveals glimpses of what Henrietta’s future could be, setting the friends on a mission to fulfill the possibilities that are in the book—and also within themselves. Their new pursuit leads Sebastian to them, and the three children discover that the book is more extraordinary than they could have thought possible. Both the book and the librarian hold incredible stories, which Sebastian must allow himself to believe and which Henrietta and TP must allow themselves to carry out.

This story is told in a double narrative, offering readers multiple perspectives on the topics of logic, reason, imagination, and the potential of possibility when people give themselves permission to believe—in the seemingly impossible and in themselves.

Author Steve Loe says: “It’s my hope that because of the differences among the three main characters—a lonely girl who loves to read, a strong-willed graffiti artist, and an analytical boy who can solve any puzzle—anyone with a love of magic and mystery will enjoy reading this book.  He is also the author of The Hot Hurry of Mercurial Fleeting.


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“This is a terrifically entertaining read from start to finish and highly recommended for school and community library fantasy fiction collections.” – Midwest Book Review

“…imagination, fantasy, and uniquely interwoven plots keep the reader turning pages…” – KNEA Reading Circle

The Glimpsing Book celebrates reading, imagination, and the human potential for good. Read it if you’re a kid; read it to your kids if you’re an adult, and believe in the impossible.” – Lois Ruby, children’s and young adult author

“The book is structured so that readers will find the journey throughout the various plots so compelling that they simply will not put the book down.” – Dr. John H. Bushman, author, educator, and director of The Writing Conference, Inc.