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How to Choose an Online School

So you've decided to enroll your child in an online school.

Congratulations! You now have some flexible, customizable educational options available to you. But where should you begin? Certainly not all online schools are created equal! There are three key points to consider as you’re selecting an online school.

Some schools are focused on a simple all-in-one approach; others cater to gifted children or profile STEM subjects. Maybe you’re raising a talented artist who has a passion for hands-on learning. Perhaps you have a young mathematician on your hands who’s hungry for unique ways to unlock potential. Whatever your needs, comparing the mission statement or “about” section of the website of each of the online schools you’re considering will give you insight into whether or not your priorities line up.

If you have a gifted child, the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community was created for your family.

Royal Fireworks has been child-focused since its inception. We select instructors who are excited about the topics they teach and who have real-world experience as experts in their fields, and our online learning community frees them from the confines of traditional education. With our roots in gifted education, we have always had outliers in mind. This means that no matter a child’s learning style, we work to ensure that each student will be not only educated but seen, understood, and inspired.

If you’re looking for live online instruction, the next point will have a huge impact on your ultimate selection. Finding a school whose schedule lines up with yours will mean the difference between chaos and convenience. Because online schools can be based out of anywhere, you may find that your time zone has an impact on what options are available to your child. If you’re a family on the run, you may want to look for schools that offer a recorded option so that when soccer practice conflicts with social studies, you don’t have to choose. At Royal Fireworks, we make sure to have all live class recordings available for later so that your child never has to miss a thing. As an added bonus, students can use those recordings to review challenging or particularly interesting material.

When it comes to the experience that your child has in an online school, nothing will have a bigger impact than the instructors and what they teach. A passionate expert can make a subject come to life even for previously uninterested students. A course that covers a core subject in a fresh and fascinating way can bring the material into focus—perhaps for the first time. 

Due to the flexibility and freedom of the online model, we’re more like a university than a traditional K-12 school when we recruit our talented instructors. The Royal Fireworks approach to online instruction is unique in that we focus on bringing in experts to teach students about their respective fields. Kids can learn space biology from scientists or study ancient Greek structures with architects. The opportunities are endless, and we’re constantly discovering new talent and new approaches to teaching indispensable core subjects.

Check out the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community today to see what we can offer your child!

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