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How to Find the Best Kindergarten Language Arts Curriculum

So you’re looking for a language arts curriculum for kindergarteners! Whether you’re a teacher in a traditional classroom or a homeschooling parent, we know that you take great care in selecting a program that will be the best for your little learners.

In order to decide on the best language arts curriculum for your kindergarteners, it’s important first to understand why they need to learn language arts at all.

Why do kindergarteners need a language arts curriculum?

  • Introducing grammar concepts at a young age can help children develop a strong foundation for their language skills.
  • Learning about grammar can help children understand the structure of sentences and how words work together to form meaning, which can be a critical building block for reading and writing.
  • Teaching grammar to kindergarteners can also help them develop their vocabulary and language skills. By learning about different parts of speech and how they function in sentences, children can gain a better understanding of how words relate to one another, which can help them expand their vocabulary and use language more effectively.
  • Teaching grammar to kindergarteners can promote their learning in other subjects. By providing children with a solid foundation in grammar, adults can help them become more confident in using new words, which can support their learning in other subjects.

What makes a language arts curriculum suited for a kindergartener?

  • Look for images. An age-appropriate language arts curriculum for kindergarteners should have engaging images that help relay the concepts to children who are early in their reading careers and often rely on visual cues to get the whole picture.
  • It should be fun to read. Reading should be a key element of any language arts curriculum, but it’s especially important for young children. Developing a love of reading is the best way to ensure that children are set up for academic success. A curriculum that tells a story and isn’t just a boring block of text with study questions is essential.
  • First impressions are everything. Kindergarten is the time when many subjects are introduced for the first time. Making sure your kindergarten language arts curriculum is fun above all else will ensure that students develop a love for it. Look for a curriculum you can picture kids not only learning from but getting excited about.

How can I choose a kindergarten language arts curriculum?

  • Read reviews. Knowing the experiences of other teachers and homeschooling parents will help you better understand a kindergarten language arts curriculum before you purchase it. After all, knowing what to expect is half the battle! Trusted, prolific review sources like Cathy Duffy or smaller niche blogs like Mama’s Sweet Baby can be great resources for a deeper look into curricula.
  • Check out awards lists. Organizations like Academics’ Choice, Mom’s Choice, and exist so that consumers can know they’re purchasing the best quality materials for their kids.
  • Pick a program that will grow with your child. There are plenty of phonics programs that help kids sound out words, as well as simple picture books that will help them make the transition into full books, but sounding out words is barely scratching the surface of a language arts education. A program that includes foundations of grammar and has upper levels for kids to grow into will ensure that once your child enjoys a curriculum, you’ll be able to grow with it year after year.

Why we recommend the Poodle books

Kindergarten and first grade are some of the most formative years of a young student’s education. Choosing materials that make learning fun and engaging is more important at this level than at any other. That’s why Michael Clay Thompson took core concepts from his award-winning curriculum for older children and made the Poodle books for young readers. The Poodle books are beautifully illustrated stories told in unmetered rhyme that deliver solid language arts lessons along the way. Students who love learning with the Poodle books will be able to grow into the full MCT curriculum—which will carry them all the way through high school.

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