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Philosophy for Kids

Royal Fireworks has philosophy for kids!

Kids need philosophy. Just ask Forbes magazine. And when it comes to teaching philosophy to kids, no one has better options than Royal Fireworks Press. We offer curricula in both Western philosophy and Eastern philosophy.

Western Philosophy Curriculum

Girl thinking about philosophy for kids

The most complete approach to Western philosophy for kids is in our K-12 curriculum. This program takes students through the full history of the Western philosophical tradition, from the Presocratics to contemporary concerns.

The curriculum grows with the children, from picture books in kindergarten into an advanced philosophy curriculum for high school students. Author Dr. Sharon Kaye’s expert approach puts to use her years as a university professor of philosophy at a level that anyone can understand. She introduces students to various philosophers and their philosophies through compelling stories and novels that get to the heart of the subject at hand in creative and innovative ways. You’ll be surprised how deep kids’ thoughts can go with the suggested discussion topics found in the instructor manuals/guidebooks. These manuals also include historical and philosophical background information about the philosophers and the events from the story.

Eastern Philosophy Curriculum

Master storyteller Ingrid Klass introduces Eastern philosophy for kids in her original curriculum. The books in our Eastern philosophy curriculum bring clarity to the concepts of Eastern philosophy and make them accessible to readers, from preschoolers to adults. With an emphasis on unity, harmony, mindfulness, nonviolence, and virtue, the foundations of Eastern philosophy can instill mindsets and values that will help carry readers through the sometimes-challenging twists and turns of life with serenity and perspective.

Online Philosophy for Kids

We also have live online philosophy courses in our online learning community. Dr. Sharon Kaye and Ingrid Klass are both instructors in live online courses. Additionally, we have Eastern philosophy-based mindfulness courses with instructor Cody Rounds.

An exceptional home education starts at Royal Fireworks. Discover more today!

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