The Magic Lens III: Student Book

By Michael Clay Thompson

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This is the grammar book in Level 7 of the MCT language arts curriculum.


The Magic Lens III is the culmination of the Magic Lens series, as well as Michael’s grammar curriculum. It contains more information about the grammar of the English language than any of the previous books, yet it builds on them all so that there is a cumulative effect of the knowledge gained through them.

The series is entirely based on four-level sentence analysis. This analysis of parts of speech, parts of the sentence, phrases, and clauses is Michael’s original and enormously successful approach to teaching grammar. It uses his “t-models” to illustrate how sentences are constructed, exquisitely showcasing complex grammar relationships as simple but beautiful illustrations.

This full-color book not only contains a comprehensive look at grammar; it delves deeply into common grammar errors and usage problems and includes detailed explanations about how grammar affects punctuation. Michael often uses the sentences of great classic writers to show students examples of interesting grammar in some of the most famous literary works in the English language. Practice is provided at every stage so that students are immediately applying what they have learned and actively building a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the language.

As a special feature, the paperback version of this book contains QR codes that link to audio of Michael talking about important, potentially confusing, or interesting facts about grammar so that students can hear additional grammar content from the author himself. Please note that the QR codes are not included in the eBook.

NOTE: This is the sixth edition of this book, updated to adhere to the current MLA standards. We recommend against using older editions of this book.

TheĀ 4Practice III workbook provides an extra 100 practice sentences for four-level analysis. (See below.)


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Level 7
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