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You have 60 days to return items purchased from us.

We expect the items to be unused and to reach us in saleable condition. That means they must be wrapped carefully and well-protected for return shipping. Usually this means a new shipping container; packing materials seldom protect books adequately for more than one shipment. We ship to you using USPS Priority Mail or UPS because they provide the most likely potential for getting the books to you in pristine condition; they are also the best choices for returning items to us. We do not ship media mail, and we hope that you will not do so either.

With the return package, please include a copy of the paperwork you received from us, if you still have it, a note telling us what you want us to do (credit, exchange, or refund), and your email and telephone information. Shipments via the post office should be sent to us at P.O. Box 399, Unionville, NY 10988; shipments via UPS or FedEx should be addressed to us at 41 First Ave, Unionville, NY 10988.

If you purchased a package:

If you purchased a package with free shipping and return all of it:
We calculate the outgoing shipping at 10% of the cost of the order (minimum $8.00) and refund 90% of your original payment.

If you purchased a package with free shipping and return only part of it:
We look at the cost of the books you kept plus the shipping on them, and we deduct that from what you paid. We refund the remainder.

We try to do everything possible to help you make the right choices so that you do not have to return books. If you have questions about an item or the level at which to start in our curricula, please call the office (845-726-4444), and we’ll be happy to help you make an informed decision about what to order.

See our full terms and conditions on our Payments page.

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